July 23rd

Subsequent to a motor vehicle stop, Dennis Savini 68, Point Pleasant was arrested by Patrolman Jeffrey Algor.  Savini was charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs as well as other motor vehicle offenses.

Ben Cutler 23, Spring Lake was arrested by Detective Sergeant Christopher Kucinksi at Spring Lake Police Headquarters.  Cutler was charged with three (3) counts of burglary, one (1) count of criminal trespass and one (1) count of theft.  Cutler was charged after investigation identified him as the actor in the incidents On Jersey Avenue and Fifth Avenue on July 23rd (see entry for further details).  Patrolman William Kelly and Officer William Noble assisted in the investigation.

Subsequent to a motor vehicle stop Sead Hodzic 30, Morganville was arrested by Officer William Noble on First Avenue near the intersection of Brown Avenue.  Hodzic was arrested based on active warrants out of another jurisdiction.