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Spring Lake Police Explorers


The Spring Lake Police Explorers are a group of young men and women who have completed the 6th grade through 20 years old who are interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement or a related field in the criminal justice system.

The group will meet officers from around our area to speak with them and train in each of their specialties.  From K9 officers to evidence collection the group will learn the current techniques and practices in each of the disciplines.

The Spring Lake Police Explorers consists of two organizations based upon the age of the individual.

Explorers Club

This is for those male or female participants that have completed the 6th grade through 13 years old.  This group will meet and participate with the Post in meeting and training’s.

Explorers Post

This is for those male and female participants that are 14 years old through 20 years old. These members will meet and train in all facets of law enforcement.  The group will have the training and capacity to assist in directing traffic, assisting in community events and conducting a ride-along with police officers on shift.


The group meets on Wednesday’s from 4:00 to 5:00 pm twice a month. The group will also participate in activities on some Saturday’s throughout the year.  The cost varies based upon enrollment date.  Please email Patrolman Ryan Reiff for further information or for an application.

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