The Spring Lake Borough Police Department was established by Spring Lake Borough residents, through their Borough Council, to promote safety and security of all people within Spring Lake Borough. On several subsequent occasions, the Spring Lake Borough Council has affirmed the decision to maintain a police department specifically dedicated to serving Spring Lake Borough. Spring Lake Borough taxpayers continue their support of the police department by ensuring sufficient funding to meet its financial needs and expressing ongoing support for the Borough maintaining its own police force.

IMG_0223 Spring Lake Borough is a small municipality with a strong sense of community. The Borough wants a special relationship with its police department and sworn officers. Specifically, the Borough believes that the police should conduct their activities in a manner that is characterized by genuine concern for, and service to, all individuals in the Borough. Additional characteristics of the Spring Lake Borough Police Department which are of particular importance include the following:

  • Continuing efforts to know, and be known by, the residents of the Borough.
  • Ongoing activities to involve interested residents in supporting the safety and security of the Borough.
  • Maintaining a very visible presence in the Borough, one which promotes a vigilant and professional image of the Department in the eyes of the public.
  • Routine display of a friendly and approachable mannerism to encourage high levels of confidence and trust between residents, the department and sworn officers.
  • Ongoing and effective communications with Borough residents, the Borough Council and Public Safety Committee to properly alert and inform all parties on safety and security matters.

     The Spring Lake Borough Police Department utilizes a command structure to organize its sworn officers. Each position in the command structure discharges specific authority and responsibility as set forth in the operating guidelines of the Department. In addition, these positions are also expected to play critical roles which will promote the realization of the vision of the Spring Lake Borough Police Department. All sworn officers must support the mission and actively work to realize it in the daily conduct of the Department’s activities.

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