Health Notice


We are experiencing a heavy mosquito season and we are urging you to take precautions against mosquito borne illnesses. One case of West Nile virus has been confirmed in our community. This is not a cause for panic. Most people infected with West Nile have no symptoms and do not become ill. Other experience very mild symptoms. There are, however, cases that can lead to more severe symptoms. Protecting yourself against mosquito bites is the single most effective step you can take to prevent any chance of infection.

The Monmouth County Mosquito Commission will be spraying Monday between 4 and 6am.  Now that we have confirmed the spraying locations are detailed on this this link or on the map below.

Take the following common sense precautions:
• Use EPA registered insect repellent when outdoors
• Use insecticide netting on strollers
• Wear long sleeves and pants
• Maintain screen doors and windows
• Eliminate standing water from your property

We have additional information posted on the Police Department or Borough website. Questions can be directed to Monmouth County Mosquito Commission (732) 542-3630 and Regional Board of Health (732) 493-9520.

Once again, this is not cause for panic; it is a reminder that prevention against mosquitoes must be a priority for the next few months.


Thank you,

Mayor Jennifer Naughton