April 18th

Patrolman Matthew Phillips responded to the area of Pitney Avenue Beach for a seal on the beach. Marine Mammal Stranding Center was contacted and the seal appeared to be fine.

Spring Lake Police would like to remind those that observe seals on our beaches of the following:

(From the Marine Mammal Stranding Center Website)

Seals are protected by both state and federal laws – it is therefore illegal to approach and/or touch a seal. Most seals come onto the shore just to take a rest, and if you approach them, they will get scared and may return to the sea before they’re ready. If they’re injured, they will not get the care they need. Please also keep all pets (dogs) away from the animals, as they will most definitely scare them and may also contract any diseases the seal is carrying.

The recommended viewing distance is from at least 150 feet away, and PLEASE give us a call at the MMSC 609-266-0538 to report all sightings.
Whales, Dolphins, and Sea turtles are also protected by state and federal laws – the same rules apply. Please keep a safe distance and call us!
Visit NOAA’s website for Seal Viewing Guidelines here:  https://www.greateratlantic.fisheries.noaa.gov/protected/mmp/viewing/guidelines/seal/seal_viewing_guidelines_card_ac.pdf