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IMG_0182Spring Lake is encouraging citizens to register for CodeRED. CodeRED is a telephone communication service that allows us to quickly notify citizens about emergency situations.  This service allows residents to add home phones (either in Spring Lake or outside of the area), cell phones and email addresses to be notified of emergency situations within the Borough.  To hear examples of notifications or previous notifications, click here.  All citizens and business are encouraged to register.

Spring Lake will use the CodeRED system to notify citizens about emergencies such as:


  • Drinking water contamination
  • Utility outage
  • Evacuation notice and route
  • Missing person
  • Fires or floods
  • Bomb threat
  • Hostage situation
  • Traffic Hazards/Conditions
  • Chemical spill or gas leak
  • Other emergency incidents where rapid and accurate notification is essential

It’s easy for you and your family members to register simply go to the following registration link and fill out the required information.


Citizens wishing to be removed from the service can call 1-800-566-9780 from the phone that they wish to have removed.

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